G-Stone Capital Partners

G-Stone Capital Partners is a global alternative investment adviser with roots in credit and distressed. At a fundamental level, G-Stone Capital focuses on unlocking value. The firm seeks opportunities in less efficient markets and pursues assets at a discount to their intrinsic or potential value, all with the focus of creating value for its investors and empowering the common good they seek. Investments span corporate and sovereign credit, restructurings, real estate, mortgages, private equity, and direct lending.

Global Reach

China, Singapore, South Korea, United States

Core Purpose

G-Stone Capital Partners’ core purpose is to fundamentally change lives for the good by finding innovative ways to invest and create value.


For over 20 years and across multiple credit cycles, G-Stone Capital Partners’ team of professionals has collaborated to successfully navigate the high yield credit, leveraged loan, structured products, distressed investment and private credit markets.

By evaluating opportunities across the credit universe, G-Stone Capital Partners’ investment teams have a broad perspective that positions G-Stone Capital Partners to capture both relative and absolute value across asset classes.

G-Stone Capital Partners employs a highly rigorous, fundamental, value-based approach to credit investing that seeks to generate strong performance through a focus on downside protection and active management.


  • Integrity

    We are anchored in strong principles. We consistently align our actions with our commitments.

  • Excellence

    We hold ourselves and others to a high standard; we learn from mistakes and course correct quickly.

  • Collegiality

    We are open and collegial with each other, and seek in all our actions, to make G-Stone Capital Partners a great place to work.

  • Innovation

    We experiment and unlock complexity with new ideas to create excess returns and enterprise value.

  • Humility

    We are intellectually honest. We seek to listen and learn to achieve the best outcomes; we are ambitious without arrogance.

  • Collaboration

    We embraced a partnership approach to developing long term strategic relationships with its clients as well as borrowers and other market participants to address their evolving needs in creative ways.

  • Consistency

    The deep continuity of G-Stone Capital Partners’ senior management team has enabled a consistent investment philosophy, process and a strong culture which we believe contributes to attractive performance.